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Halloween preview

My bargain babies are so thrilled with their Halloween costumes. I went out on a limb and bought costumes that I didn't even know if they'd like and I batted 1000!

About two years ago when Stinkerbelle was a baby, I found a toddler/preschool sized Minnie Mouse costume that looked brand new, still in the package, at the thrift store for 50 cents. So, I bought it thinking I would put it on ebay the next year. Well, the year rolled around I decided to keep the costume for the baby. Now, she is big enough for it and now she doesn't want to take it off. I let her sleep in the dress tonight, but made her take off the ears, belt and tail. She was really digging the tail.

Today I ran by the thrift store after picking up my car from the mechanic and found three costumes. I took a chance on buying two of them. One, I'm not worried about. I picked up a Little Mermaid dress to put up for Stinkerbelle for Christmas. That one will be a given. Her room is now in Little Mermaid stuff, so she'll love it. She has the princess dress up shoes that she plays with all the time, so it will be perfect.

The other two, I wasn't sure about, but the prices were so good, I took a chance. I picked a Star Trek: The Next Generation engineering/security uniform for $5.99!! It is the perfect size for Ensign Pickle, almost too small. I asked him if he'd like to be a Star Trek guy for Halloween and he wrinkled up his nose and said no, until he saw the uniform. Then, he fell in love! Those costumes are $30 anywhere you find them. I also picked up a little yellow M&M costume for Hot Rod. I have a yellow M&M costume that I usually wear and he LOVES M&Ms. I made him an M&Ms baby blanket and it his his favorite blanket. He calls it his candy blanket.

So, I did well and I did it on the cheap. Double whammy! Here is a quick pic I snapped when I got the kids to sit still for five minutes while trying on their costumes tonight. Pickle is stoked at the prsopect of wearing his costume to the comic con next month.


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