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We are the champions

My boys competed and won their sparring matches in the karate tournament Saturday, earning them each a first place trophy. They were very proud of themselves.

Pickle sparred first and won his match handily 3-1. We honestly didn't think the kid scored the one point, looked to us like Pickle got him first, but apparently it didn't matter because he won easily. He cracked me up getting all amped up and ready to spar. He started bouncing and hitting his face shield with his gloves. The other kid was looking at him sort of funny and maybe it intimidated that kid a bit. Army of Dad said he did similar things before football games in high school to get pumped up.

Right after I snapped this shot, I heard the pop of my kid making contact and scoring another point.

Hot Rod was in the largest group of kids: boys with yellow belts, so he had to wait a while, but he did great when he got his shot. He, too, did the hitting his face shield with his gloves thing. Don't know where they got that. AoD said he didn't teach it to them. Hot Rod won, too, handily with a score of 3 to 0. He was having to chase the kid down to pop him. He actually ran out of the frame for this first shot. You see one of the instructors who was scoring him here.

That little two on the judge's table was his score at this point. Below is their starting point, so you can see how far this kid was running from Hot Rod. The instructor, in black, was staying central to the ring.

You can see the judge's table behind Hot Rod and the instructor there in the middle. Gives a little insight into how aggressive Hot Rod was in the match.

Stinkebelle slept with granny and papa during the matches.

And the proud boys with their trophies.

They have their belt test next week.


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