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Fiesta de futbol

We had a busy weekend including the end-of-the-season soccer party last night. We rented a local church rec center (where we had Pickle's birthday party in September, too) and it was perfect to let the kids run loose and have a ball.

Hot Rod got the Keeper award for his team and hew as SOOOO proud of himself.

Pickle got the Sportsmanship Award on his team.

A rare pic of mom and Stinkerbelle. That is my new Kermit the frog shirt. My first blog pay-off for running an ad.

A flying pickle in the jumphouse with his sister in the background.

An even rarer family picture. We received some thank you gift cards from parents, which was really nice and totally unexpected. But, the best part of coaching Hispanic kids - one mom brought chips and salsa and another brought us homemade tamales!!! Yummy.


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