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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


In honor of Veteran's Day

My favorite hunks this week are all veterans. Go hug one today or visit a VA Hospital. There are so many different ways to show support. If nothing else, make sure and display your flag today. Just a reminder, Veteran's Day is to honor all veterans - in peacetime or war, living and dead.

My hunk is my all-time favorite veteran, Army of Dad. Here, he is with his best friend back in 1997 while we were in Fort Hood. Lucky soldier buddy is now stationed in Hawaii.

Then, there is Sgt. Hook. I have no idea what he looks like. Doesn't matter. He is a helluva guy and men are more than just looks. *yes, yes, I know, everyone is shocked to hear me say that* There are very few guys that I can't find something attractive about them. Sgt. Hook is just a great guy. Here are some more. Go send them an email or leave a comment telling them you appreciate their service to our country.

Chuck at From my Position was wounded in action and he and his wife started a project to raise funds for wounded soldiers.

Noah at Soldier's Mom was also wounded in action.

Just an Army Wife's Dear Husband likes to dress up for special events in the office. Last one I read was a 70s or 80s party. Gotta love a guy with a sense of style and humor!

Army Wife Toddler Mom's Captain Husband. Fixed the rank this time. Thanks!

I love a man in uniform and always have. So, ladies, enjoy. One more for good measure, my hunka hunka burning love.


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