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Likeability quiz

I pulled this out of a magazine a few months ago and just ran across it in a pile of papers I was sorting today. It is either from Parenting or Family Circle, but I thought it was funny. I feel like I'm a fairly likeable person, but I wonder after taking this quiz.

Here it is pretty much verbatim. Enjoy!

Here are 15 qualities of a likeable person. Place a check mark next to each statement that describes you. Then tally the checks to find your likeability factor. The good news: you can always improve your score.

*People frequently compliment me on my smile or positive outlook.
*I usually get great service wherever I go.
*My doctor spends more time with me than most other patients.
*My family stays in constant contact with me.
*People readily listen to me and remember what I tell them.
*My love life is fulfilling, and my partner can't wait to see me.
*I get more opportunities at work than most.
*People typically describe me as lucky.
*Others smile when they hear my name.
*People tell their friends about me and "sell me."
*I like most people that I come in contact with.
*I have meaningful relationships as opposed to transactional ones.
*When someone is rude to me, I don't let it spoil my mood.
*I tell the truth, even when it isn't good news.
*When another person spends time with me, she feels good afterward.

Each check mark equals 1 point.
10-15 Congratulations. You have a high likeability factor. You win many of life's popularity contests and bring out the best in others. Keep it up!
6-9 You are positive-minded and bring joy into most people's lives. Focus on bring warmth and enthusiam to your sometimes neglected relationships.
3-5 On a good day, you're happy; but on a bad day, you tend to have a not-so-great attitude. Learn to look at the bright side by counting your blessings. You'll find that you send out friendlier signals.
0-2 You tend to have poor relationships at home and work, and your contenment level is low. But that doesn't mean things can't change. You just have to start consciously working at developing empathy. You'll be surprised at how quickly and kindly people respond.

I think I scored a 13. Yippee. You REALLY do like me or I just have an inflated opinion of myself.


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