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Princess Stinkerbelle

I'm way behind on posting. My apologies.

On Nov. 16, I took Stinkerbelle and my mom to see the Disney Princesses on Ice. It was a late start, so she was pretty tuckered out, but she had a ball. She was more interested in Mickey and Minnie than she was the princesses, but she hasn't seen some of these movies either. There were girls in princess costumes as far as the eye could see. I had to snap a shot of the girls in the row ahead of us.

My little gal went in a pretty pink sweatsuit, so she'd be warm. She was so excited and had such a great time.

another happy face

and, here is Mickey and Minnie.

We tried to get her picture taken with Cinderella at the photo set up, but the line was so long, we settled on a shot with one of the princesses at the souvenir booth. This was at the intermission.

and, this was after the show. I love that silly hat.

Disney on Ice is one of those pleasures I have to indulge in for the children. Even if we're dirt poor, I'll save up to taken them. We have been lucky to get discount tickets every time we've gone and never paid more than $15 a ticket and gotten good seats. *knock on wood*


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