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Moms Gone Wild

Nothing like a little soccer momminess to cut short my Moms Gone Wild evening out with the gals tonight. Yes, blog readers, it is indeed 1:51 in the morning. I'm never up at this time, but I just got in from my slumber party cut short. My friend's car is parked out in front of my house because she and another friend found another ride home so she could stay all night. Alas, I have to be up in about four hours, so I came home.


But, on the bright side, I did get to eat a cupcake in which someone inscribed in icing the fabulous philosophical statement: Eat Me. Another friend took a picture of me eating it and then we got one *faint hearted, look away now* of another friend of mine pretending to eat another Eat Me cupcake from my cleavage. The coup de gras of our night of debauchery was when I won a Girls Gone Wild video. *rolling my eyes* I'm sure Army of Dad will want to watch that tonight after Harry Potter. I made the crowd roar with laughter when I flashed them as I went to receive my major award. Come of think of it, there may have been a camera flash at that time, too. Yikes, my boobs may be on the Internet tomorrow. Yikes.

It was fun, though. Some girls were taking glamour shots, others were smoking outside in the cold and *shh, don't tell* but the hostess had four slot machines in her game room and we played slots, too. We also did those things like talk about alarm clocks and getting kids up in the mornings to head lice, acne and everything else.

I hope this was coherent. I'm cold and tired. I didn't even drink tonight because I had to drive an hour to get home. Me and the Dr Pepper survived a drive home listening to Firefly on my DVD player in the van. IT certainly made the drive home bearable. Ruddin soccer tournament. Nah, I think it will be shiny, just going to be one tired momma.


Addendum: I almost forgot the traffic jam on the way to the party, which was in BFE. Dufus Bubba was driving down the highway hauling haybales when he tossed a cigarette out the window and set his hay on fire. So, me and the girls in my van sat on the BFE Highway waiting for the fire department to put it out. As Bill Engvall would say, here's your sign!


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