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Potter Mania

Well, it has happened. My house is becoming Harry Potter obsessed. Pickle wants a robe from his favorite house at Hogwarts. Everyone can guess which one.

We will not get to see the movie on opening day, but we have tickets for Saturday night, so it is the best we could do.

I did make a 92 on the Harry Potter quiz. I should have scored 100, but one of the questions, I thought too much about. I should have went with my first instinct. But, I'm such a HP dork, at one question I was rolling my eyes and thinking, gees, everyone knows that. Gees.

So, for my 92, I was told "You are a Hogwarts professor. Good work! Hop on your broomstick and take a victory lap around the block. "

Yippee. That's gorrammed shiny! Yikes, mixing my dork genres here. I hope I don't lose points for that. I wonder what Picard would do?



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