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Not too bad

I'm trying to change some eating habits to make myself healthier. I love to snack and I picked up some 100-calorie packs of Oreos and some cheezit type crackers. I haven't tried the crackers yet, but the Oreos are great. There is enough for me to be filled up - with some sort of drink - and they actually taste pretty good.

A friend sent me the following tips and I may try to implement some of these, too:

When it comes to losing weight, it's all about numbers.
It takes 3,500 calories to build a pound. If you have a deficit of 100 calories every day for a year -- either by eating less or exercising more -- you can lose 10 pounds in a year. And sometimes it's simple changes that can bring about big results.
Here are some ways you can lose 10 pounds (or more!) this year.
When you go to a restaurant, ask for half of your portion to be put in a doggie bag right away. Even if you only go out twice a week, you'll easily save enough calories to lose 10 pounds a year.
Is a tall glass of juice your morning ritual? Swap that 20-ounce OJ for a real orange and you not only save more than 100 calories, you also get some fiber while you're at it.
Learn how to add 10 minutes of exercise a day. The goal is 30 minutes a day. If you walk for just 30 minutes -- even just three 10-minute walks a day -- you will lose 13 pounds this year.
Use sugar substitute instead of sugar in all your baking. If you use a couple of teaspoons in your iced tea and a couple on your morning cereal, you could easily lose 10 pounds by switching to a substitute.
If you can't take diet soda, just downsize your regular soda portions. If you usually pick up a 44-ounce soda in the morning, switch to a 24-ounce size and save about 200 calories a day. That's about 20 pounds this year.
Swap out your cheese. Replace the 1 1/2 ounces of Cheddar or American cheese on your sandwich with one ounce nonfat mozzarella and lose 11 pounds in a year.
Replace your regular beer with light beer and save about 50 calories per bottle.
Forgo regular bottled salad dressing (2 tablespoons, about 150 calories) for an equal portion of fat-free dressing (about 40 calories) for a net savings of at least 100 calories.
Take the stairs every day at work. If you go up and down often enough (say up and down five flights three or four times a day), you've got your 100 calories.


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