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SPF Wake Up Call

I'm sort of blah today. Went to a party last night and stood on a patio schmoozing and I think I let the allergy bugs back in because my eyes are back to watery and crusty (sorry, TMI) and my nose is all icky. Top it off, I was so tired last night , I forgot my nighttime Allegra.

So, forgive my sloppy Stuff Portrait Friday effort. The assignment focuses on Wake Up:
1. My lotions
2. My towels
3. My toothbrush

I combined the lotions and toothbrush pic. But, I'm really bad about using the lotions regularly.

And, I usually drip dry wearing my big terrycloth robe, so here is my towel next to my honey's oversized towel that is personalized with "Coach" on it.

You can see what time I shot this today, I'm such a lazy bum, and a picture of me, AoD and Pickle at Cocoa Beach back in 1998.

Have fun SPFing!


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