Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I've just been blah all day. I'm not real sure where the day went either. We ran lots of errands - bank, post office, pharmarcy, grocery store, bread store, post office again because I forgot to drop off bills in the mailbox (we have LOTs of mail theft in North Texas from mailboxes, so no bills go in there for me). Then, I had a few phone interviews.

Spent a few hours on job boards today. Cruising for Army of Dad and finding some for me and Uzz along the way, too.

Talked with a friend who had a court date today for child support and her teenaged son went to live with this dad. So, it was crappy for her.

Took Pickle to tennis and he did well. That was good. Hot Rod is singing at school today. Being all PMSy, I'm sure I'll be in tears while I watch him. Army of Dad is going to a baseball meeting. Yes, he has been roped into coaching tee-ball, too. He had said he'd be an assistant. Well, they didn't have enough, so he's up to bat, so to speak. I hate that he is going to miss Hot Rod singing. I'll take pictures. I know you're surprised.


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