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SPF Randomness Galore

Random and Odd's SPF assignment for March 3, is Randomness Galore!
1. your favorite jeans
2. birthmark, mole or freckles
3. your photo albums & where you store them

Ok, my favorite jeans as well as what is in them. Yes, that is Army of Dad's ass.

You HAD to see that coming. I don't really like any of my jeans all that much. They serve their purpose and cover my butt without too much discomfort. Of course, AoD out of his jeans is my ultimate favorite.

I have some freckles on my nether regions that wouldn't quite cut muster on this PG-13/sometimes R rated blog. There are some freckles on my shoulders and chest, but I didn't want to take any pictures, plus, you've all seen my boobs before. I had a birthmark/mole on my face that I had removed last May. So, thanks to Uzz for this gorgeous picture of my favorite freckles.

And my photos albums and pictures. I have the beautiful antique wardrobe where I have many albums and pictures stored.

The blue boxes shoved in there are boxes of pictures. Then, there are some albums amongst the chaos, too. Then, there is this Avon box in the top of my closet FULL of loose pictures that haven't been put in albums yet either. I think once Stinkerbelle was born, I haven't done ANY albums at all. There is a video camera and a few other things in there, too.

Did you play?


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