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Bite your tongue

I really hate snarky judgmental people.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not real big on hypocrites either. You know the ones, the televangelists who preach about things and then go out and break all the commandments. Those REALLY irritate me, too. But, I hate it when someone proclaims their faith and then falters and gets slammed for it.

Guess what? I'm a Christian. Guess what? I also make mistakes. I sin. I do it again and again. It is called being human and being selfish and it is part of our nature, unfortunately. We have to work to make good choices and when we falter, we dust ourselves off, ask for forgiveness and try to do better next time.

And, I hate to make excuses but boys will be boys and rock stars will be rock stars. So, what am I talking about?Apparently the lead singer for Creed, Scott Stapp, made a sex video of him and some women of loose moral standing along with Kid Rock. Some sleezeball is trying to sell the video without either of the rock stars' permission.

Ok, fine. You can think what you want. But, what irks me is the tone this writer takes in this story. Yes, I know it is a gossip column, but it just chaps my hide because I just wonder if this person has ever made a mistake and had it thrown in his or her face? I get the distinct impression that this person has a gripe with Christians and loves to make a big point of showing how a proclaimed Christian messed up. Because, as we all know, if you're Christian, you never do anything wrong. Right? Come on. *note the sarcasm*

I'm just saying that the way the article was written just flies all over me and hits me the wrong way. I'm the first to bitch when someone with a little Christian fish symbol on his car flips me the bird in traffic, but I think this writer could do a little more 'of not casting the first stone.'


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