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Hot Rod's addiction

Hot Rod is home sick today and I know he is REALLY sick because I told him if he is too sick for school, then he is going to have to miss soccer and tee-ball tonight AND miss pizza at school! We're going to the doctor this afternoon to make sure he doesn't have the flu. Apparently, there is some Rx you can get to help shorten the duration and the severity of the flu if you catch it in the first couple of days. When he got up this morning I took his temp and it was 101 under his tongue. So, after giving him some ibuprofen, now it is down to 98. But, we get to take his temp every five minutes because he loves to do it, for some reason. I finally hid the thermometer. Then he found another one. Then, he found the ear thermometer. Maybe I should get out a rectal thermometer and threaten him with that before he wants to take his temp again. I can see his adulthood now:

Entering a room with a group of people seated in a circle.
Hot Rod: Hi, my name is Hot Rod.
Group: Hi Hot Rod.
Hot Rod: I'm here because, well, I'm an addict.
Group moderator: Good job Hot Rod. That is the first step in recovery. Go on.
Hot Rod: See, I'm hooked on taking my temperature. It started off with the oral thermometer and then I moved on to the ear version. Now, I just can't seem to stop. I use any kind of device I can to take my temp. I just wanted to get help before I moved to the rectal thermometer.

*shaking my head*


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