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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Extra mustard on that weiner?

Talk about a whole new facet to a hot dog.

One of my blog faithfuls sent me a link to a story about a man who was heating up a severed dick in a convenience store microwave. The offensive odor caused the clerk to go look in there and see it. At least we know cooked penis isn't a tasty smell. Might be like tripe. That shit stinks to high heaven when it is being boiled. I don't see how Mexicans eat that. If it smells that bad, what MUST it taste like? *shuddering * Same for severed penis. Although, if the guy was a bit on the ripe side himself, think about it. A smelly guy's dick has to smell EXTRA bad. I hope he scrubbed it before trying to cook and eat it.

I wonder if it was the guy's own penis? They found blood in the bathroom. Gives a whole new meaning to "eat it, buddy!"

Unfortuantely, I have no pictures for this one.


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