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Doogal: AKA Don't-gal

Three words for you if you decide to go see Doogal: DON'T DO IT!!!

I guess if you like weird-ass British comedy, maybe it would be tolerable, but I'm really thinking not. It had potential, but it was just lame. The jokes were stupid and Army of Dad an I think we lost IQ points while we were there. Seriously.

I think maybe had we dropped some acid before we went that it might have made it better, too. And, that is from the last two adults on the face of the planet who never toked, inhaled, snorted, whatever, anything. No one believes us when we tell them that we've never done any kind of drugs, but that is how bad this movie is. We might have considered doing some.

The kids enjoyed it and we had buy one, get one free tickets we used. So, at least we didn't spend that $8.

I thought the movie might be ok because of all the voice talent, but even they couldn't save this travesty disguised as a movie. I'm going to take a hot bath to wash off the suck.


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