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The Official 2006 NFL Draft Drinking Game

Sent to me by a friend, this looks fun. The draft is Saturday, in case you're curious. Not sure where this came from other than my inbox:

Stephen Benefield of Birmingham, Ala., sends us a helpful NFL Draft Drinking Game that should pretty much wipe you out by the time the Buzzsaw picks at No. 10. A highlight:

Your official 2006 rules
-If someone says:
“National Football League” instead of NFL - 1 drink
“Upside” - 1 drink
“Motor is always running” - 1 drink
“Intangible” - 1 drink
“Work ethic” - 1 drink
“Good/bad character guy” - 1 drink
“War room” - 1 drink

-If the following topics are brought up:
The subject of Brett Favre - 2 drinks
Favre loving the game - 5 drinks
If Favre says he loves the game - 10 drinks
How will Parcells and TO get along - 2 drinks
Comparisons of Reggie Bush to Gale Sayers - 1 drink
New Orleans disaster references - 1 drink

-ESPN-ization of the world:
Monday Night Football on ESPN promos/references - 2 drinks
ESPN Mobile - 2 drinks

-Oh, those wacky ESPN personalities:
Berman flubs line - 2 drinks
Irvin says something that no one in our group can understand - 2 drinks
Irvin defends the un-defendable - 2 drinks
Kiper has in-depth analysis of some Division 1-AA level player or lower - 3 drinks
Salisbury & Clayton staged argument - 5 drinks
Tom Jackson & Michael Irvin both wear conservative suits - Head to liquor store, all must drink a 5th of vodka.

-Wild Card:
Cutler went to Vandy, so he’s smart - 1 drink
Draft pick gives interview. 1 drink for every grammatical error.
Draft pick far too underdressed - 2 drinks
Camera shot of last undrafted, languishing pick - 3 drinks
A happy posse celebrating - 5 drinks
Vikings miss allotted time to make pick - 10 drinks (sorry AoD)
If Cutler is 1st or 2nd QB taken - drown it
Brodie Croyle taken in the 1st!!!!!!!! - drown it
Marcus Vick does something illegal on draft day - drown it

I usually ignore the draft, but maybe AoD and I can get a buzz on and then get something else on that night. :)


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