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Done and doner

Oh thank Sweet Jesus.

I finished the GINORMOUS project that involved writing a book that most people would rather pull out their eyeballs and use for fishing bait rather than read this thing.

But, hey, a gal has got to get paid and I'm not picky about what I'm paid to write.


So, now I get to pack and clean and clean and pack for our trip tomorrow. And, my dearly beloved husband, has generously agreed to gouge out his eyes, er, read and edit said 23 pages o' shit. Ok, really now, it is good shit. For the subject matter, it is about as interesting as I can get. Only so many ways you can say teamwork, cooperation and collaboration. Yes, it was one of THOSE projects where we use the world "challenges" or "obstacles" instead of saying problems. Problems just has such a negative connotation to it and we can't be negative.

Just send me my paycheck and I"ll be happy.

*doing the happy dance that it is done and I'll be yelling at children in the car by this time tomorrow*


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