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Kiss off

Probably one of THE greatest songs EVER:

Kiss Off by the Violent Femmes

I need someone a person to talk to
Someone whod care to love
Could it be you could it be you
Situation gets rough then I start to panic
Its not enough its just a habit
Hey kid your sick well darling this is it
You can all just kiss off into the air
Behind my back I can see them stare
Theyll hurt me bad but I wont mind
Theyll hurt me bad they do it all the time
Yeah yeah they do it all the time
I hope you know this will go down
On your permanent record
Oh yeah well dont get so distressed
Did I happen to mention that Im impressed
I take one one one cause you left me and
Two two two for my family and
3 3 3 for my heartache and
4 4 4 for my headaches and
5 5 5 for my lonely and
6 6 6 for my sorrow and
7 7 for no tomorrow and
8 8 I forget what 8 was for and
9 9 9 for a lost God and
10 10 10 10 for everything
Everything everything everything


  • At 7:00 AM, June 28, 2006, Blogger Jenni said…

    Yay, I love the Femmes! My ex-hubby took me to see them third row center on our first official date. Teehee, no wonder I married him! ;-)


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