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A case for sterilization

There are some women, whom if we knew ahead of time, we could simply sterilize before they ever got knocked up. That would prevent a lot of poor children from suffering.

Andrea Yates and her retrial is a prime example.

This gal is another one. She stole her babyf rom the hospital. She doesn't have custody and the baby was there to get an operation. If the baby doesn't get medical attention, he could die. Lovely mother. She sneaked him out in a bag. That is great.

Apparently, she didn't agree with medical professionals that her baby needed dialysis, so the state removed the child for medical attention. You know, I'm all for second opinions and alternative therapies, but at some point, you have to put the welfare of your child to the forefront. I have done things to my children that I wish I didn't have to, but I know it is for their best.

It just breaks my heart. I hope she takes her son to the hospital before he dies. All her good intentions won't bring her son back.


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