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Was it good for you?

I called a friend of mine the other day out of the blue on her cell phone. I know it shocked the shit out of her because we wound up talking about her kid's BMs or lack of doing them in something other than a diaper, even though he is uber-intelligent. I offered my masterful mothering advice since I'm the old hat mom of three. *stop laughing*

Anyway. Part of the conversation went like this:

AoM: So, you have seven furniture stores now? You didn't tell me.
Friend of AOM (now known as FOA): Yeah, how'd you know?
AoM: I googled you.
FOA: You googled me?
AoM: Yeah, it was good. Did you enjoy it?
FOA: *giggling* What came up when you googled me?
AoM: Ask your old man. He can watch next time I google you. You know how men are about two women.
FOA: The guys I work with think I'm bad. I need to take you to the store. *giggling*

Anyway. I called to bum a place to stay on our way home from Minnesota in a couple of weeks. I figure it will save us $100 or so AND I get the added benefit of seeing my buddy. We were two of the Three Amigos from junior high. We were cheerleaders together. Go team! She and I used to do Duran Duran dances - the Reflex being our favorite - as well as Thriller and other assorted Michael Jackson moves. But, nothing compares to "Flock of Seagulls! Get Down!"


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