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Shoe polish

I bought a bottle of shoe polish for my daughter's shoes (she has to get dressed up for a wedding on our vacation and her shoes are scuffed). The shoe polich reminded me of high school.

One time, I wrote "For Sale $250" on the back of a friend's car. A few hours after I did that, I got a call from a lady claiming I was selling a car and that she wanted to buy it and when could she get it, etc. I had no idea what that was all about.

Until the next day. The guy whose car it was told me he was chased down in a car by a rather rotund gal who wanted to buy it. He gave her my number and told her that his sister was selling the car.


Another time, I was heading straight to youth group after volleyball practice when I walked outside and saw "Honk if you're horny" written in shoe polish on the back window of my car. I was mortified and had to drive straight to Winn Dixie for paper towels and windex.


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