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Podunk Pioneer Day

We went to Ponder's Pioneer Day on June 3 and had such a great time. It is the epitome of small town America. The event was set up to raise money for the volunteer fire department. I bought some yard art and homemade jam from vendors.

The Ponder High School Band led off the parade. It was a gorgeous day.

Lots of fire trucks and candy thrown.

Here are the kiddos with their candy bags watching the horse-drawn carriage.

I love the gangster theme here and the old cops in the back. Too fun.

Gotta love that old car. There is the town's post office in the background, too.

Here is how you can tell it is a small town parade: a Gator and kids on bikes. There were kids on four wheelers, too.

She's such a doll. The firefighters were selling tickets to do the inflatable slide thingee. She and her brother had a ball.

The 4-H kids had their bunnies there. The kids loved them.

The tap-dancing grannies in their support hose were mesmerizing Stinkerbelle. We stayed and watched their whole set. She applauded and loved them.

The Grapevine Fire Department sent their pirate education clowns. The kids were soaking it all in, too. When they got ready to fire their cannon, Stinkerbelle had moved down by her brother (here they are on each end) and she got scared. Hot Rod was ready to shield her, then they shot the cannon and confetti shot out. NOt so bad, I guess, to Stinkerbelle.

I love Elmo on the end like a bowsprite. We were in the fire/smoke house trailer, too. The kids seem to enjoy that and learn a thinkg or two about what to do in a fire, I love small-town America.


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