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SPF: Loud and Clear

Kristine was in a funk, but she is coming around as the summer is a new season and a time for her to put away the funky month of May. So our SPF this week:

1. Something 'Sparkly'
2. Something 'Dull'
3. Something 'Colorful'

I forgot about SPF until I was cooking dinner Thursday night, so I grabbed the camera and looked around my kitchen for motivation.

For my sparkly, I have art work created by my Stinkerbelle displayed proudly on the fridge.

We also have Halloween 2000, I believe that is; Finding Nemo on Ice picture; The Alamo magnet and Magic Kingdom 2000 magnet.

Something dull is the bunch of bananas that no one has eaten and was turned into banana bread Thursday night.

And, something colorful: our fruits and veggies. I just thought this was pretty.

Go see who else played at Random and Odd.


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