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S to the Picy: Spicy SPF

I didn't get the Sonic commercial when I first heard it ... the two dorks in the car: that is the S to the picy. I was thinking Pisces like the sign. Took me a while to put it together like smething they'd do on Zoom or Electric Company (God, remember those shows?)

But, I digress.

SPF this Friday: Tasty!
Our assignment from Kristine at Random and Odd was thought up by A Player to be Named Later:
1. Your Spices
2. Salt and Pepper (?, black and white?, your shakers? something black and white?)
3. Add a little spice to your picture using this.

Here we go:
Based on the Spice Girls, here are my spices:

Sporty: Baseball is a big spice in my life. This is Curt Schilling pitching in Texas on opening day.

Scary: Kasey Kahne's No. 9 Dodge Charger at the TMS Busch race this spring. His car likes to eff him up every now and then.

Baby: Oh, baby baby. Look at handsome Alan Tudyk at the last dorkfest.

Posh: Check us out at the swanky event last year at the airport.

Ginger: (This one could have been scary, too - look at the picture on my children's faces!!) Ok, so it isn't ginger ale there, but I was having to move around gingerly with the IV in my arm at Sea World.

Salt and Pepper:

What's left of my dad's hair.

Adding a little spice to my self-portrait:

So, did you play?


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