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SPF: Boob Tube

Kristine's other half, Shaun, took over SPF assigning this week, so we have a TV-related SPF. Being a guy, I'm surprised there wasn't an assignment for our remote. I know my husband would rather lose an appendage than lose his remote control.

So, here are the assignments:
1. Your TV
2. Your Show - Sell us your TV show. This can be a show that you’ve been dying to see on TV but the networks haven’t been smart enough to think of.
3. The New Member of the Cast - When sitcoms start falling apart, like all of your lives, they just add a new character or replace an old one.

First off, I'm cheating. No pic of my TV. I just don't have the time or energy tonight to take fresh pics. So, I tried to find ones I've had that are applicable. Skipping to No. 2. *heh heh, in my best Beavis and Butthead voice - she said No. 2, heh heh heh*

My show: I was a childhood viking.

Setting: The suburbs
Main characters and story: Normal suburban family with a 4-bedroom mortgage. SAHM who doesn't wear pearls but prefers sweats and a ponytail; hardworking dad; moody artist pre-teen; adorable curly-headed preschool girl and the boy who is a Viking. Transported from the tundra of Minnesota complete with blond hair and blue eyes. The Viking boy has an alarm clock that sounds like a viking horn. He pillages and plunders. Obviously, clean family fun ensues. Rated mostly G.

New member of the cast:

When Viking boy accidently beheads his mother, hardworking dad knows the children need a new mother. Here, the women he is auditioning attempt to serenade him in effort of persuading him to choose them. He bows his head in a moment of silence as he contemplates which is most worthy and possibly the quickest on her feet to escape the pillaging and plundering.

So, did you play? Go to Random and Odd and see who played. Leave her a comment to let her know that you played, too.


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