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You've got to change your evil ways

Women like to be "wooed." Did you guys know that? And, a smack on her ass while she's getting you a beer isn't the way to do it.

So, for those of you who are socially stunted or just don't really care since you placed a gold ring on her finger and you figure she's stuck with you, there are ways to brighten the little woman's day. (and, sometimes get a pleasant reward for doing so later in the evening!)

Here are a few suggestions:
1. Bring her flowers for no reason.
2. Tell her she looks pretty.
3. Seduce her. That doesn't mean asking her if she wants to screw. It involves lighting the candles, putting on some Chevelle *or whatever she likes*, brushing your teeth, etc. Then, wrap your arms around her (preferably when she's not doing laundry or dishes) and tell her you're the luckiest man in the world and whisk her to the bedroom.
4. Leave her a love note.
5. Send her a special text message or email during the day just telling her you love her.
6. Hold her hand when you're walking somewhere.
7. Open her car door for her.
8. Tell her she has the night off to go have a cup of coffee and wander the bookstore.
9. Do some of her chores, so she can soak in the tub and paint her nails.
10. Tell her that you love her.

If you do those things, I guarantee you'll have a happier wife. Of course, gifts are always good, but we like to be wanted, desired and loved.

And before anyone (including AoD) reads anything into this, there was no particular reason to write this other than when I pulled up to my house this morning, the FTD truck was in front of my house and I was thinking, "awww, he got me flowers to make up for my shitty week." Then, they went into the house across the street. So, it just got me thinking about nice things women like. *shrug*

*putting away soapbox*


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