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Going for the checkered flag

This is going to be a great weekend for me and I'm so excited.

First off, Hot Rod starts a track program Saturday morning with a local track coach. So, that should be interesting. My kid is one of the fastest white kids I've ever seen for his age. So, this could be really good for him. Plus, he LOVES to run.

After that, I'm going to a big craft show after that. I love this annual show. I wind up getting lots of Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Then, we have the soccer game to determine if our boys are the division champs. I'm anxious about that one. The boys are good and we'd love to see them advance to the Tournament of Champions.

Saturday evening, we are going to my favorite restaurant and then we're meeting some friends at a local club for dancing and drinking. We have a hotel room for the evening, then we have to rub the sleep out of our eyes, down some energy drinks and head to Texas Motor Speedway for some good old redneck Nascar racing. I'm so excited I could wet my pants. I've only been to one race before and that was a Busch series race, so I'm stoked.

Then, Sunday night, it is back to being Mom and the drudgery of home. But, I'll revel in the time I have. Now, it is off to a hot bath and then to bed.


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