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In the words of Buck Owens ...

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

My range arrived this morning about an hour early. I was still in bed and had to grab my robe and greet the delivery guy wearing my new birthday gift bathrobe as I had slept in the emperor's new clothes. So, that was uncomfortable. But, I digress.

They're getting the range out to bring in when they notice a dent on the side. Probably not a big deal, but I get my husband (who used to work at an appliance store/distributor) so he could make the final decision. He goes out and look and, alas, the dent is right on a corner so the bottom drawer won't shut properly.


The delivery guy couldn't reach his warehouse folks to find out when they could bring me another one. So, I guess I'll call Home Depot today and get my salesguy to help me sort through the mess.

I guess it is fine. We're making ham and eggs on the stovetop and we have the ham bone in the crock pot with a 15-bean soup ready for dinner tonight. We can make do. I was just really hoping to make a REAL pumpkin pie in my new convection oven with the blue ceramic interior for the family instead of the mini pies I made in the toaster oven Wednesday night. Oh well.


  • At 12:48 PM, November 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, FOOEY. Our stove went out a few months back and it was about a month before we got a new one in that worked. My poor landlady, bless her heart, she's had a terrible time with tenants lately and she just didn't have the money, so we first ended up with a used one, but the oven wouldn't work, then we finally got a brand spanky new one from Lowes on clearance for an unbelievable $189. I was so thrilled. But the time without, it was really annoying! You don't realize how much you use the oven until you don't have it!!

    But good for you and hubby for making them take the dented one back. Many times we'll take it and "make do" and then we get screwed by the appliance people. Hopefully they'l get it worked out within a day or two for ya.


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