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Why we need a salary cap in baseball

Exhibit A: Carlos Lee is good. But, is he $100 million over six years good? I don't think any baseball player is worth that.

But, this is the crap that has been getting out of hand with each and every succeeding contract. Mediocre players are getting money that is out of this world. There is no parity. There is no fairness. Look at teams like Minnesota. They don't have that kind of money, but they play with heart. Then, when that player who has performed well beyond his payscale, as soon as he can, he bails to get paid the big bucks. Who can blame him? But, it isn't fair. We all know that every year the same teams will make it to the playoffs. Yeah, we'll get a Twins or a Tigers every now and then, but it is few and far between.

I have been screaming about a salary cap in Major League Baseball for years. And, crap like this just reinforces why America's pasttime is becoming a bunch of shit. There will be a time when I will not be able to take my kids to a ball game. By the time you've paid $5 to $15 to pay to park, you're paying $15 per seat for the cheap seats, then you can't afford a $5 beer and $3.50 soda. Don't even get me started on souvenir costs. I'm so completely disgusted.

If I didn't love baseball so much, I'd be done with it.


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