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Wizbang Blog Award Nominations

Nominations for The 2006 Weblog Awards are now open. Wizbang's is the world's largest blog competition, with more than 1 million votes cast in the last three years for nearly 1,000 blogs.
The master list of nomination posts can be found here for the 46 categories.

I was a finalist in 2004 and finished in the top three. I won my category last year, but it was tarnished a bit by some unfriendly competition and accusations of cheating (by other people for other blogs). This year, if anyone cares to nominate me *hint, hint* I am in this category. I really need to be more of blog whore, but I don't have time for that. Instead, I'll just beg and cajole for someone to nominate me and then vote for me Chicago style.


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