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Blue Christmas

I think this is a great idea. My friend, Kelvinator, told me about Blue Christmas services, which aren't Elvis-themed, but designed to help those who are suffering and mourning get through Christmas without all the cheery stuff.

I could have used this at the Dec. 24, 1998, eucharist I attended in Waco. It was my first Christmas without my family in tact. My then 2-year-old son (Pickle) was with his dad that evening. I sat in the service and sobbed. I couldn't help it. I was so sad that it was my favorite time of the year and I didn't have my family any more. My baby was somewhere else without me. It was probably one of the saddest days of my life aside from the day my divorce was final. I have only encountered a few other days as sad as those two.

A Blue Christmas mass might be just what some hurting souls could use to get through the holidays.


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