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SPF: Christmas style

We are seriously missing Kristine (no offense to her other half, SuperHeroShaun) over at Random and Odd. But, in her stead, Shaun has offered this assignment:

1. One decoration. Pick an ornament, or light, or beer can. Whatever one thing in or around your home that you’d like to share with us.
2. One gift. Wrapped, unwrapped. Show off your favorite present without looking snobby! Show off some incredible gift-wrapping skills. Whatever. Pick a gift.
3. Something stuffed in a stocking. Be creative with this one!!

Ok, here we go. Some of my favorite decorations:

My brother gave me this hand-painted ornament years ago. I collect penguins (in case you didn't know).

My Twins ornament, which was purchased at the Mall of America this summer.

My favorite Christmas decoration, Little Bit.

2. A gift

Gifts decorated by Pickle for Army of Dad. I think that is some version of MegaMan and a Viking.

3. Something stuffed in a stocking

This is Little Bit stuffed (by RC) into her brother's Rudolph and Vikings stockings. She wanted to wear them on her legs after this little stunt.

So, did you play? This one was easy and fun.


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