Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Hump day gridiron hunk

Gotta love the record-breaking TCU Horned Frog, QB Jeff Ballard. When I crashed for the night, the Frogs were crushing Northern Illinois.

QBs always have that same look, don't they?

The litte curled up hand is the Horned Frog hand symbol thingee. You curl down your index and middle finger like little bunny foo-foo and then hold the other three fingers like you're doing a peace sign and there you have it. I almost went to TCU. My dad tried to bribe me with a new vehicle if I'd leave Baylor and go to TCU. The catch was that I had to live at home. No thank you, dad. My old Toyota was just fine by me.

Check out the arms in both of these pics.

Yep, enjoy ladies.


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