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AoM Hostage Crisis Day 7: The Nebulizer

I need to consult with the Marines at Gitmo to let them in on a little known, but well intentioned device of torture that I'm sure they haven't thought to use: The Nebulizer.

You would think it was the Chinese Water Torture that Hot Rod had to endure. But, apparently, there is nothing in the world worse than forcing this boy to sit still for 20-30 minutes with a little puff of air blowing in his face. Good Lord. And, I have to endure the endless whines of "how much longer?"

Worse yet ... Stinkerbelle is next and she is likely to be even worse.

On the bright side, the Verizon folks are here to install my FIOS cable and internet service. Best part, the dude is Gorgeous. Gorgeous with a capital G as in OHMYGOD, he's gorgeous. Did I mention, he's Gorgeous? Cute, young cowboy kind of gorgeous. Ok, back to tormenting the children and sneaking peeks out the window at the cute installation guy in between actually *gasp* working.

I did get to sneak out last night to borrow the nebulizer and go to Sam's Club. I never thought I'd be so excited about bulk shopping.


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