Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Ice ice, baby

I warned you - more ice day pictures.

He looks so happy there.

He thought it was cool to jump on the ice covered trampoline.

Him and that winky face. Look dad, he has your chin!!

Happy girl.

Getting warm after playing out in the ice.

My fun picture: can you tell what it is? The moms of preschoolers will recognize it. It is the back side of a Cozy Coupe car. I just thought this was a neat angle and shot.

Here is the corner of the house as the ice started melting in the sun. Wasn't much on the ground, just on the slick surfaces. There is still some in the roof corners. Worst part of all this is that my washing machine in the garage froze (like it did last year) and I spilled water all over the garage floor. *sigh* One more thing to take care of. Yuck.


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