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Go Mean Green

We found a family fun way to pass the time inexpensively at UNT men's basketball games. The team is pretty good this year and we've got some favorites on the team. The really cool thing is to watch the kids enjoy the game, pay attention and get into the spirit. Secretly, I'm hoping I can persuade the children to attend the local state school (saving me money in many ways while furthering their education!)

We've made friends with the mascot, Scrappy, too. Pickle likes to draw pictures for him. We have a little poster, too, that Pickle drew Scrappy slamming the basketball. It is pretty cool.
At one of the recent games, the women's softball team was there signing their schedule posters and Pickle had to pick some cute ones to have his picture taken with. And, I thought it was precious to see Stinkerbelle doing the little Mean Green Eagle handsign/talon thingee at the end of the game during the alma mater. She has some work to do on her technique, but it is the thought that counts.


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