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Great resources

For all you parents out there who are stumbling through life as blindly as I am, I found a wonderful place to get some good Christian-based resources. My sister-in-law in Indiana said the school shows the fifth-grade boys a video about how their bodies are changing to help them know what is going on.

I was aghast, because in Texas, we just don't do that. We like to talk to our own children or in the case of most families - ignore it and hope the children don't notice that they're changing. But, she said the video shown to the boys is from Focus on the Family. I have been looking for some guidance for Pickle. He really needs more information than the basics I've given him. I asked his endocrinologist and the pediatrician and neither one had any suggestions for something to help guide us. The pediatrician said he'd have a talk with him, but Pickle was mortified at that thought. So, I went to the Friends of the Family resources and found a couple of books including Lintball Leo's Not-so-Stupid Questions About Your Body. I think these will be great for him. The bonus is that they're inexpensive; I got two books for $18 and the cost is tax-deductible because it is a donation to the non-profit. They don't charge tax or shipping either, so that is way cool. I'm very excited to have a Christian-based guide to help me. I don't want him going through life as clueless as I did.


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