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Relax, people

*rolling my eyes*

People, you need to get a life. Seriously.

Apparently, panties are in a wad over "insensitive" commercials featured during the SuperBowl. First, we had all the stupid fast-food restaurants who were pissy because K-Fed was insulting their minimum wage burger flippers. I defy them to ask any person working at KFC or Taco Bell if they would rather be covering in bling, rapping for the masses with honeys on each arm or if they would prefer re-making my taco because they forgot the special order and put lettuce on it. Yeah, you and me both know what they'd say. I bet if you go to the BK drive-through and ask Ryan if he was offended, he'd probably either be ignorant of the whole situation or he'd laugh at the ad.

So, now, we've graduated from insensitivity toward the burger-flippers of the world. Now, we're worried about the Snickers ad motivating people everywhere to commit hate crimes. Swear to God I'm not making it up. The commercial features two guys biting a Snickers and accidentally kissing. They both rip out their own chest hair as a gesture of their manhood. It was funny. Then, we have the robot who effs up at GM. He gets fired and has a series of crappy jobs and then jumps off a bridge after seeing all these fabulous Chevy cars he didn't get to work on. Now, the suicide prevention folks (or whoever they are) are saying this is insensitive to the survivors of suicide and/or presents suicide as a viable option to losing a job or suffering a failure. Really? I thought that ad was funny, too. He's a robot, people. He isn't real. The commercial wouldn't have been funny had it been a person, but it is an inanimate object. Hellooooo? There lies the humor.

I suppose we can find ways to offend everyone. Some of us more than others.

Army of Dad is wondering when PETA is going to complain about the BlockBuster ad featuring the guinea pig "abusing" the mouse.

*rolling my eyes again*


  • At 12:34 PM, February 09, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I heard people are complaining about Prince behind the giant, back-lit sheet at the Super Bowl half-time show. Apparently they thought his stylized guitar was a phallic symbol. My eyes literally hurt from the giant eye roll. UGH


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