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Most people relish working for themselves and feel like they can be their own boss and do what they please, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

I have one publication I write for and I would love to tell them to take a flying leap off a high cliff, but I can't because I need that money. I'm about to gnash my teeth until there is nothing left but nubs right now.

And, the worst part is the people who pay me the least are the most demanding. The ones who pay me well don't demand near as much effort as the ones who pay me a pittance.

This settles it. I've had the last piece of the puzzle thrown in my lap. I've got to start writing all those books in my head, so I can make enough money to tell these editors to cram these assignments where the sun doesn't shine because I'm sick of the measly pay for the amount of work they want out of me.

Clues to why I should start writing my books:
I found my notes for a novel I want to write.
Watching "Stranger than Fiction."
Reading "For Better or Worse" comic strip and seeing one of the main guys get his manuscript published.
And, lastly, so I can tell these a-hole editors to cram it.


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