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SPF: Pussycat Dolls' Style

Well, only sort of is it Pussycat Dolls' style. It is about Buttons.

But, I didn't want to go there with the SPF. So, I mostly followed the instructions at Random and Odd. She said only one picture of our interpretation of buttons. I picked two.

The one on the right features Mario's buttons on his overalls. Pickle created this basketball-playing Mario during the UNT-Troy game tonight. I just saw the buttons and knew it would be a good choice for SPF.

Of course, then I had to go literal another way. I was cleaning out my file cabinets and found these old buttons (in the shot on the left). One is my nametag from volunteering at the library in junior high. Then, there is a March of Dimes button from a few years back, an ancient Hard Rock Cafe button and one from college: I "heart" Lambda Chi Alpha. It was my brother's fraternity at Baylor and the one that I spent most days hanging out with in college before I met Uzz and stop circulating the frat parties.

So, did you play?


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