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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Food, food, food

On formal night (the first night at sea), we were treated to the Festivale Gala Buffet. It took 200 manhours to do all the wonderful food that was on display. There was the ship ice carving and the watermelon sculpture.

The Statue of Liberty is made out of bread and I think the yellow flower is cantaloupe. The detail is remarkable.

The candy flowers were remarkable.
I went to a galley tour and it was something to see. The maitre 'd said the dishwasher does 25,000 dishes per meal.
All of the food on the Ecstasy comes from Galveston. The ship gets seven to eight containers.
Per week, the ship orders:
40,000 eggs
10,000 lbs of beef
8,000 lbs of poultry
6,000 lbs of seafood
3,000 lbs of pork
900 gallons of juice
1,200 gallons of milk (enough to fill a pool)
Of the 923 staffers on the ship, 510 of these people work in food services. 11,000 meals are served daily by servers from 37 nationalities.
Pretty remarkable. As our maitre'd would say: Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!


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