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Mayan birth

This was one of the weirder parts of my Mexican vacation. When we arrived at Tulum's ruins, we had to go through a little market (anywhere tourists may show up in Mexico - you can guarantee there are some natives trying to sell you a giant stupid sombrero or do something to entertain you for that all powerful tip). Tulum was no different. We arrived and waited for the tram (a loose term for this vehicle) to take us to the ruins and we encountered this.

I asked our tour guide what the deal was. He said the performers were honoring birth. Apparently, the Mayans thought birth was precious and they held few things in as high regard as birth. The men are representing a baby in the womb and then coming down the birth canal and ultimately out into the world. Personally, it was just some scary shit to me. Brave dudes, but totally scary. You can see something equally scary (the little tram thing at the bottom of the first picture.) I hesitate to call it much of anything because the chairs were falling apart, the part carrying the passengers would swing to and fro as the tractor up front dodged potholes. I'm sure someone would think it was great at Six Flags. In Mexico, simply scary.


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