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SPF: Knobs

The lovely and funny Kristine at Random and Odd gave us a strange little assignment this week to show her our knobs. Now, she was talking about boobs, which could fit the definition of something that can also be any small, round thing that sticks out. I chose to go with the definition of a "foolish person." For instance, when Army of Dad and I see someone doing something stupid, we will call that person a knob.
So, for my interpretation, we have the knobs from the Busch race this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. I don't care if people smoke, as long as they're respectful of the people around them. These knobs - you see him in the black hooded jacket behind Hot Rod - though, would blow their smoke into the wind directly into the faces of my boys. You can see Hot Rod with his Kasey Kahne hat covering his nose. The boys were pretty disgusted. I was grossed out, but not near as badly as by the cigar this knob was smoking in close proximity to some other little boy. I was about three rows up and it was making me sick. I can't imagine what it was like for the kid next to him. And, I couldn't get a good shot of the King Knob next to us who brought a toddler, maybe 2, and didn't have hearing protection for him. Some woman behind us couldn't stand it and gave the baby her hearing protection.
I also had to add a little something about droopy drawers. Dude, if the curve of your ass is just below your belt - not a good look. I always think that you're doing that with your pants so you have room to take a dump or something. I want to see the ass in there. Not just a bunch of lumpy space. Not a good look. In addition to your chain smoking and passing out during the race, you're a knob for wearing your pants like this. Go check out the guys in the last picture on this post to see how guys should wear their pants. My honey and his friend have mighty fine asses in their pants.
Oh yeah, and the dude on the right hand side of the picture with the long braided ponytail, you're a knob, too. That went out of style like 30 years ago, if it was ever close to in style.
So, with all that said, did you play? Did you learn a new definition for knob today? I hope so.


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