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Chekov and Naked GI Joe

A few weeks back, Pickle and I went to a dorkfest. We always have lots of fun and these events. I always feel like the coolest person in the planet and it allows me and the boy to geek out together. At the Sci-Fi, Comic Con, there was also a GI Joe convention. Pickle did not want to go in there, but once I got him in there, he had a ball. Someone had a remote control tank that he could drive and make shooting noises. He was digging that.

Then, my son me "Lord Slappy." This teenager was too funny. He liked to draw and create his own characters, too, and he and my son really geeked out together as they talked to each other and showed their drawings to one another. This kid created a character he called "Lord Slappy" and it was really funny. One of his characters used cheese as a weapon. I had to laugh. The poor guy couldn't decide if he could stop staring at my boobs long enough to show Pickle the drawings he created.

Then, I had the extreme pleasure of getting to meet and get the autograph of Chekov from the original Star Trek. He was one of my faves from the old series. I loved Walter Koenig and thought he was really cute. He was a very nice man.


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