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The Bad News Bears

Peculiar it is to me, just how a sports season can get away. There are moments when I just pray that the season will end because it seems to be dragging forever. But, this baseball season has been pretty good aside from all the foul rain outs. A few weeks back, gees, almost a month ago now, Army of Dad's father came for a visit and made it to a ballgame. Here he is warming up with the boys. Notice the kid in the background grabbing the family jewels? Just sort of funny to capture that image. Grandpa took this nice shot of Hot Rod during warm-ups.
He also took this great shot of coach providing some instructions to the guys before an inning. I don't know what he's telling them, but it looks great.
I really like this shot for some reason. I think it might be the angle. This is between innings when he was telling the boys where they were playing that inning.

Another shot by Grandpa. This is when I was relegated to scorekeeping because of the gallbladder surgery.
Hot Rod's warm-up swings while Grandpa coaches first.
A fouled-off pitch.

A sticker for good batting that game.
And a kiss for his boy from the assistant coach. I love the look on the player's face, like oh gees, you're taking a picture of him kissing me?
Then, the generations pic. Too cute. Stinkerbelle does love her grandpa. I also like Pickle's shirt "I'm with the nut" and it is pointed toward Hot Rod. :) Let's just hope we get another pretty night like the one in this picture and not another gully-washer like what hit us at the ballpark tonight. I can hope, can't I?


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