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Field Trip at ATC

At the end of the school year, Pickle's sixth-grade class went to tour the new Advanced Technology Complex with our local school district. The facility provides special courses for high school juniors and seniors as well as continuing education opportunities for area adults. In addition to the basic vo-tech type classes you'd expect like cosmetology and automotive, students can also get hospitality, animation, graphic arts, engineering and law enforcement. It is really a very neat facility. I went to help herd the children and my son wouldn't leave my side, despite my encouragement to go see his friends. That is, he wouldn't leave my side this this little gal came along. Then, he took off without so much as a goodbye. He insists that she is just a friend.

My son, the mime. *shaking my head* This was at the football field where we ate lunch.
And, the thoughtful skeleton. Students can leave this campus with medical certification, too, for jobs in the healthcare industry. Lots of advantages at the school.


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