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Flood of memories

It is official: I'm old.
For the past eight months, I've been helping organize my 20th class reunion and it is finally coming down to the wire and, of course, in keeping with my tradition of procrastination, I just came up with the idea of having some sort of keepsake to distribute to those who attend. Fortunately, the gals who are planning with me run with the ideas once I toss them out. RG came up with the idea of a CD with songs from 1987.

So, RG found the top 100 songs from 1987 and we're each going to pick 5. That is going to be hard. So many of these songs have some memory for me from that year. *Shut up Army of Dad. I know that you were only 11 when I graduated from high school. Bite me. Well, technically, you were 10 and turned 11 the next month, but that is neither here nor there.*

Our class motto or whatever you call it:
Headin' for the top
Ready and revvin'
We're the class of '87!!!

So, here is the top 100 of 1987. I've picked out some of the songs to note special memories.

1. "Faith".....George Michael - this was the year of George Micheal in those tight jeans and the feathered hair
2. "Alone".....Heart - the comeback of Heart
3. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" .....Whitney Houston - back when she was wholesome and every girl wanted to be her
4. "C'est la Vie".....Robbie Nevil - just liked this song
5. "Shake You Down".....Gregory Abbott - ditto
6. "La Bamba".....Los Lobos - I loved Lou Diamond Phillips. He went to UTA, not far from where I lived when I went to high school
7. "Livin' On A Prayer".....Bon Jovi - I thought, at first, Jon Bon Jovi was saying he was "living on a crayon" So, this makes me laugh.
8. "Here I Go Again".....Whitesnake - just remember wishing I was Tawny Kitain rolling around on David Coverdale's car
9. "Heaven Is A Place On Earth".....Belinda Carlisle - she got skinny and hot
10. "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life".....Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - wasn't this from Dirty Dancin? Good song
11. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now".....Starship - the class song for lots of my friends, but not ours. Used to be Jefferson Starship back in the 70s and early 80s and they were changing their band name as often as I changed hair styles
12. "I Think We're Alone Now".....Tiffany - wasn't a fan then, still not a big one, just remember her making the mall tour
13. "With Or Without You".....U2 - loved 'em and saw them on this tour, I think. Or was it the Joshua Tree? I can't remember
14. "At This Moment".....Billy Vera and the Beaters - I don't even remember this song
15. "Keep Your Hands To Yourself".....Georgia Satellites - loved these guys and this song. Was an anthem for teenage girls everywhere
16. "Heart And Soul".....T'Pau - good tune
17. "Open Your Heart".....Madonna - before she got really God-awful trashy and "edgy"
18. "Didn't We Almost Have It All".....Whitney Houston
19. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".....U2
20. "Looking For A New Love".....Jody Watley - I LOVED Jody Watley my freshman year of college - hasta la vista, baby!
21. "Don't Dream It's Over".....Crowded House - great alt band
22. "Is This Love".....Whitesnake
23. "Shake Your Love".....Debbie Gibson - another wholesome girl who never shed the image. I picture her driving a minivan now and carpooling the kids to soccer
24. "Shakedown".....Bob Seger - oh Good Lord. Bob Seger. I think of him selling trucks.
25. "Notorious".....Duran Duran - always loved Duran Duran
26. "I Want Your Sex".....George Michael - *Beavis and Butthead laugh inserted here* He said Sex.
27. "The Lady In Red".....Chris DeBurgh - danced to this song at my senior prom
28. "Always".....Atlantic Starr - isn't the guy from this band the one who married Janet Jackson briefly?
29. "Head To Toe".....Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - very big on the radio at the time, catchy
30. "Mony Mony".....Billy Idol - I loved loved loved Billy Idol and had his poster on my wall. Those who know me, I was the subject of this song ALOT when the M was changed to another letter.
31. "Only In My Dreams".....Debbie Gibson - loved the cutie patootey and this song
32. "Land Of Confusion".....Genesis - Phil Collins ruled the airwaves in the 80s and I loved Genesis. This video was awesome, too.
33. "Lost In Emotion"....Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
34. "Should've Known Better".....Richard Marx - he was the original Silky Pony Breck Girl with this hair, probably where John Edwards got his inspiration
35. "You Keep Me Hanging On".....Kim Wilde - good song
36. "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)".....Samantha Fox - oh, every boy I knew wanted to boink Samantha Fox. I remember watching her videos and thinking, wow, to be that hot would be cool. Good song.
37. "Lean On Me".....Club Nouveau - another good song. Listened to this alot during my Welcome Week at Baylor in teh fall of 87.
38. "Catch Me (I'm Falling)".....Poison - hair band
39. "I Knew You Were Waiting".....Aretha Franklin & George Michael - loved this song
40. "(I Just) Died In Your Arms".....Cutting Crew - great sex song. Not that I was having sex at this point in time (no, really, I know you're all shocked, I made it till almost the end of my senior year, but never did it to this song, just always envisioned this being a great sex song)
41. "Control" .....Janet Jackson - oooh, the anthem of "I am teenaged girl, hear me roar/mew" of the time. I loved this song ... I had this outfit and earrings that she is wearing at the start of the video. We listened to this whole CD at the movie theater where I worked. Great stuff.
42. "Somewhere Out There".....Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
43. "U Got The Look".....Prince - I loved me some Prince, saw him on tour New Year's Eve 1984
44. "Don't You Want Me".....Jody Watley - I loved Jody!!!
45. "Jacob's Ladder".....Huey Lewis and the News - My mom and I saw Huey Lewis every time these guys came to town. Great show
46. "I Heard A Rumour".....Bananarama - cool band
47. "Little Lies".....Fleetwood Mac - I loved Fleetwood Mad
48. "Songbird".....Kenny G - didn't dig it then or now
49. "Breakout".....Swing Out Sister -good tune
50. "Someday".....Glass Tiger
51. "Bad".....Michael Jackson - Oh yeah. I loved Micheal Jackson, too. Of course, I like Weird Al's version of I'm Fat better.
52. "In Too Deep:.....Genesis - can't get enough Genesis
53. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".....Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett
54. "La Isla Bonita".....Madonna - not a bad Madonna tune
55. "Let's Wait Awhile".....Janet Jackson - another teenage song for me!
56. "Luka".....Suzanne Vega - I remember this more the next year at Baylor while working at Gingiss Formalwear and making up new words to the song while altering tuxedos.
57. "You Got It All".....The Jets - I think I remember this
58. "Who's That Girl".....Madonna - now that was a better Madonna song.
59. "Don't Mean Nothing".....Richard Marx - still shuddering
60. "Come On With Me".....Expose - no idea
61. "Will You Still Love Me?".....Chicago - were these guys still making music by now?
62. "Wanted Dead Or Alive".....Bon Jovi - My high school boyfriend was jealous of how hot I thought Jon Bon Jovi was.
63. "Don't Disturb This Groove".....The System - huh?
64. "Change Of Heart".....Cyndi Lauper - I like Cyndi
65. "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You".....Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - great Latin sound
66. "Casanova".....Levert - ??
67. "When Smokey Sings".....ABC - Oh, I looooooooveed ABC and this song. I remember dancing to this my freshman year at Baylor. I think the frat boy I went out with is now in the FBI, if I recall correctly. What is it with me liking cops and soldiers?
68."Is This Love".....Survivor - Good song
69. "The Finer Things".....Steve Winwood - I liked this guy. Shhh, don't tell.
70. "Rock Steady".....The Whispers - I think I remember this.
71. "Big Time".....Peter Gabriel - Ohhhhh, Peter Gabriel. He is so awesome. Still love him.
72. "Point Of No Return".....Expose - don't recall this either
73. "We'll Be Together".....Sting - I loved Sting. I remember the song "Little Black Spot" or whatever it was . My school was largely anglo kids and there was this one black dude singing in the field house "There's a little black boy in the field house today." And, I cracked up.
74. "Something So Strong".....Crowded House - ooh, more sexy music.
75. "Victory".....Kool and the Gang - wow, they were still around in 87?
76. "The One I Love"......R.E.M. - Nothing better than REM. Micheal Stipe and the guys got me through college.
77. "Causing A Commotion".....Madonna - never heard this song. Of course, I was past Madonna. She was so sophomore year for me. :)
78. "Sign O' The Times".....Prince - more good stuff
79. "Carrie".....Europe - another song I don't remember
80. "Mandolin Rain".....Bruce Hornsby and the Range - good stuff
81. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight".....Genesis - More Phil Collins, so you know I loved it.
82. "Can't We Try".....Dan Hill with Vonda Sheppard - no clue
83. "Diamonds".....Herb Albert - hee hee. I remember listening to Herb Albert at the Tijuana Brass with my dad at softball practice when I was 8. He would roll the windows down on the pick up and blare the Tijuana Brass while we practiced. I remember it like it was yesterday. I drove my little kids by the place where The Stingers used to practice. Now it is covered by houses. Don't remember the song Diamonds.
84. "Heart Of The Night".....Bryan Adams - reminds me of my best friend, TS, because she loved Bryan Adams
85. "Let Me Be The One".....Expose - no idea
86. "Brilliant Disguise".....Bruce Springsteen - never been a big Springsteen fan. I liked Born to Run, how can you not?
87. "Midnight Blue".....Lou Gramm - I think I liked this
88. "Just To See Her".....Smokey Robinson - gotta love Smokey
89. "Doing It All For My Baby".....Huey Lewis and the News - great song. I love Huey!
90. "Valerie".....Steve Winwood - another I'm embarrassed to admit liking
91. "Cross My Broken Heart".....The Jets - not my speed
92. "Ballerina Girl".....Lionel Richie - oh Crap. I liked the Commodores and actually listened to some Lionel Richie. Not this one.
93. "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You".....Glenn Medeiros - no clue
94. "It's A Sin".....Pet Shop Boys - loved these guys
95. "I've Been In Love Before".....Cutting Crew - you know my view on Cutting Crew - sex music
96. "Wipeout".....Fat Boys & Beach Boys - ack
97. "Big Love".....Fleetwood Mac - love 'em. Lindsay Buckingham *licking my lips* but, was he with them then?
98. "Respect Yourself".....Bruce Willis - I loved Bruce Willis. This was back when Sam and Maddy were up to no good. Moonlighting rocked. Don't remember the song, though.
99. "Who Will You Run To?.....Heart - good stuff, gotta love the sisters
100. "Right On Track".....Breakfast Club - the movie? I loved that movie. Don't remember this song. I guess I'd know it if I heard it.

Wow. What a compilation! Now, I have to pick five songs out of all of those to put on the CD. That will be hard to do. RG already picked her five:
With or Without You – U2
Heart and Soul – T’PAU
I Want Your Sex – George Michael
Control – Janet Jackson
Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

That makes it a little easier for me. It might be bad to pick all Genesis songs, huh?

UPDATE: My selections:
Big Time.....Peter Gabriel
Livin' On A Prayer.....Bon Jovi
We'll Be Together ....Sting
The One I Love......R.E.M.
The Lady In Red.....Chris DeBurgh


  • At 11:43 AM, August 01, 2007, Blogger Trixie said…

    That's a good idea for your class reunion. I have my 20th next year--class of 1988.

    You chose can't have a 1987 compilation CD without some Bon Jovi.

    Rock On!

  • At 11:57 AM, August 01, 2007, Blogger Kim du Toit said…

    Oy... apart from Genesis and the occasional Bryan Adams ("Heat" not "Heart" of the Night, btw), it looks like 1987 was a horrible year for music.

  • At 12:13 PM, August 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ANYTHING from "Dirty Dancing" MUST be part of the list... it is the hottest movie of that year (and possible all time)!!
    AoD mom

  • At 6:19 PM, August 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Off topic: I tagged you.

    *runs away*

  • At 11:48 AM, August 02, 2007, Blogger Uzz said…

    Looking at this lists reaffirms to me that this was a banner year for the music a bad way...except for U2 of course:-)

    A few comments:

    23. "Shake Your Love".....Debbie Gibson - another wholesome girl who never shed the image. I picture her driving a minivan now and carpooling the kids to soccer

    She actually ended up naked in Playboy a few years back...and did Broadway...but she was and still is cute.

    59. "Don't Mean Nothing".....Richard Marx - still shuddering

    You should be...along with Michael Bolton and Bryan Adams, they made up the Trifecta of Suck.

    "Big Love".....Fleetwood Mac - love 'em. Lindsay Buckingham *licking my lips* but, was he with them then?

    Yep...he actually sang that song:-)

    If I had to go off this list, I would pick:
    R.E.M. - The One I Love
    Prince - Sign O' The Times
    U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    Crowded House - Something So Strong
    Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    If this list did not suck I could go with the better songs from 1987 not on this list I would pick:

    The Cure - Just Like Heaven
    Depeche Mode - Strangelove
    The Cult - Love Removal Machine
    INXS - Devil Inside
    The Replacements - "Alex Chilton"

    There were some incredible albums released that year:

    Jane's Addiction - Nothing Shocking
    U2 - Joshua Tree
    INXS - Kick
    Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
    The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me
    R.E.M. - Document
    Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
    Pixies - Come on Pilgrim
    New Order - Substance
    Van Morrison - Poetic Champions Compose
    Sonic Youth - Sister
    Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust (with Beds are Burning)
    Meat Puppets - Huevos
    John Hiatt - Bring the Family
    Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses

    You have a lot more choices than what you had listed:-)

  • At 1:34 PM, August 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Too bad you can't select from the soundtracks of the John Hughes movies. Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles. I too graduated in 1987 in FW. You were'nt likely to hear any of these tracks on Q102 or the Eagle.

  • At 2:00 PM, August 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    #73- the "little black spot" song isn't Sting exactly, it's the Police and it's called "King of Pain" off Synchronicity. 1983.

    Much better year for music than 1987, which saw lots of formerly good, interesting bands go bloated (music, egos, drug habits, you name it) and mainstream and start filling stadiums, like REM, U2 and INXS.

  • At 9:10 PM, August 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Our class motto or whatever you call it:
    Headin' for the top
    Ready and revvin'
    We're the class of '87!!!"

    Yeah? Our's was:

    "Excel or die."

    Ah, sweet days of youth...


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