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Put an asterisk by that record

It really is a sad day for baseball fans everywhere. Barry "Roid Rage" Bonds cheated his way into history this week and fans of the game everywhere are sad and disappointed to see Hank Aaron's record broken like this. Jim Reeves summed up all the feelings that I can't and he did it very eloquently. Sad thing is, Bonds was incredible without the 'roids. But, Galloway pointed out on GAC the other day that Bonds (and fellow 'roiders Raffy and McGwire) are the only big bats out there who hit more homeruns AFTER turning 32 than they did before. Uh, yeah, right. So many of us get stronger and better at sports as we age. Uh-huh. Whatever.

Just a sad day for baseball fans.

On a brighter note, congrats to Tom Glavine for 300. Sometimes, good things happen to good people.


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