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No more SPF

I was saddened to see that crazy old Kristine at Random and Odd has decided to put down Stuff Portrait Friday. It was a sad announcement, but it was too much for her to do and still have a life. I'm sort of sad. It is another passing in my blogging history. Sort of like me forgetting my three year blogging anniversary on July 25. It just sort of breezed by like a favorite saying of mine: I love deadlines. I especially like the whizzing sound they make as they fly by.

*sigh* Three years, bitches. Do you believe it? And, some of ya'll still keep coming back to read this crap. Don't you have lives? :) Seriously, thanks for stopping by and leaving nice comments. To you trolls: ppphtphopthohttttppphtptpppp.

Rest in Peace, Stuff Portrait Friday. I'll miss playing the game. But, that's how I roll. *LOL* I've just been wanting to say that because it is totally out of character for a woman whiter than sour cream.


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